Sunday, November 30, 2008


Through my many travels, (yeah through the streets of NY and the internet) I had heard of J*Davey but not really heard J*Davey; I heard Jack Davey on the hook of The World Famous Roots, Atonement though... Long story short, I was given the occasion when this double CD which plays like Gump’s box of chocolates found its way into my mailbox. The pairing of their demo, The Beauty in Distortion and The Land of the Lost, a mixtape collaboration with Fader Magazine was a very satisfying introduction to the eclectic duo. The pair consists of Jack Davey, a Mohawk-hawking fine Nubian princess and Brook D’Leau , the brains behind the majority of the instrumentals. Their music is a wonderful blend of soul (induced by Jack’s singing), electronica, funk and yes, hip hop. Apparent in their music, is their love for Prince; nowhere is this is most evident, than on Private Parts. Pacific Division, Kardinal Offishall, Phonte amongst others are featured on The Land of The Lost.

All in all, J*Davey proves to be a wonderful addition to the ever-growing wave of expressionist, creative and gifted Black artists. Let's just hope that the majority of these acts are not doing things for the case of being different.


J*Davey feat.Kardinal Offishall- Rock TheDancehall

J*Davey- Lil big heads (Co-produced by ?uestlove)

J*Davey- Private Parts

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