Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 Minutes DJ Premier You’re On

DJ Premier, what more can I say? What more can I do? The name itself is a staple when one references real hip hop; I mean if one were to look up the definition of hip hop, more than likely Primo's picture would be adjoined to its verbal description. To put it simply, hip hop munches on a bowl of Primo for breakfast, after all it's the most important meal of the day. Any producer with any skills, heck any producer for that matter, would cite Primo as an influence. This living legend has worked with every major artist from Nas to the late, great, B.I.G. Nevertheless, one of the many commendable traits instilled in Premier is his willingness to continuously work with lesser known artists and help nurture their careers take for example Jeru the Damaja and more recently NYGz.Detroit native, Royce da 5' 9'' wasn't playing when he spit, Me and Premiere we kind of the same in ways/ we both speak with our hands in dangerous ways. Whenever you hear a Primo beat, you know exactly what it is, monotonous? Hell No! Premiere's style, highlighted by his well recognized scratched samples, has always been shamelessly imitated, but never, ever duplicated. At forty-two it's obvious that his love for this art form has not diminished, there is a visible, almost palpable, hunger for more. I recently caught up with this truly modest yet better half of GangStarr (...and that's not a knock at Guru cause true emcees don't come a dime a dozen) at a release party for his newest project, Beats That Collected Dust. This is what it sounded like...

ER (The Man) Interviews Primo (The Legend)


Devin the Dude- Doobie Ashtray (Produced By Primo)

Royce Da 5' 9''- Boom (Produced by Primo)

Bahamadia-Three The Hard Way Feat. K Williams & K. Atkins (Produced by Primo)

Nas- Represent (Produced by Primo)

KRS -One- Rappers R. N. Dainja (Produced by Primo)

Common- The Sixth Sense (Produced by Primo)

Jeru The Damaja- Invasion (Produced by Primo)

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