Friday, June 26, 2009

Back Again

It’s good to see Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek back together again as Reflection Eternal…we could like rap again. In 2000 they were a breath fresh of air, seven years later they are still just that.


The moment I heard that Michael Jackson had passed, like most I was caught unawares; my thoughts and prayers immediately went to his family, and this was instantaneously followed by a barrage of questions like what was to become of his three kids? his estate? These poignant thoughts were quickly supplanted with happier memories of me emulating the King of Pop while growing up, You know I’m bad, ‘I’m bad-you know it. To my knowledge, I don’t think there has ever been a single individual who could have experienced the many highs and lows that this talented yet disturbed icon had; from a very young age his life had the makings of a tragic movie. There’s no denying the influence and or reach the King of Pop, silver glove in tow, had on popular music, contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop. As with most losses of well-liked figures, their deaths become popular topics of discussion. Michael’s case is no different, and while talking to some heads of whose opinions I value, certain things were brought up; for example, 2009 will surely be a year that will be remembered by Black folk because of certain momentous events, and now Michael’s death will be added to that list. Interestingly, another friend also alluded to Questlove’s of The Legendary Roots Crew tweet yesterday, dayum!! mj 6/25, aaliyah 9/25, static major 2/25, left eye 4/25, JB 12/25, farah & mj 6/25… A numerologist might have to look into the significance of these numbers if any…

In memory of Michael Jackson I have included some tracks from JJ Brown’s ‘07 project, Re-Release Therapy. This project meshes Ludacris’s accapellas from 06’s Release Therapy with Jackson Five samples.


JJ Brown (Ludacris & J5: Re-Release Therapy)- Grew Up A Screw Up/Reach In

JJ Brown (Ludacris & J5: Re-Release Therapy)- Money Maker/ Pride & Joy

JJ Brown (Ludacris & J5: Re-Release Therapy)- Ultimate Satisfaction/ I Want To Take You Higher

JJ Brown (Ludacris & J5: Re-Release Therapy)- War With God/ The Wall

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Happy born day Tupac Amaru Shakur, gone but clearly never forgotten. To commemorate his birth, I have included the original version (Not the lame Komplex remix) of West Coast heavyweight, Crooked I’s Dear Pac. Always one to pay homage to the best from the west, Crooked couldn’t do anything musically this year with regards to celebrating the memory of Tupac because of scheduling conflicts (Slaughterhouse). THUG IN PEACE


Crooked-I - Dear Pac

Monday, June 15, 2009

Twista Interview Coming Soon

Smiling is contagious and clearly goes a long way; Alchemist's new video featuring Maxwell (who could think ALC could pull him out of hiding) and Twista(he bodies Alchemist's beautifully constructed symphony with the casual ease we have come to recognize him with),
Smile, clearly proves this assertion. So with that said, Smiiiiiile for me , wont you smile (smile for me now)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Based out of Tdot, DJ Grouch has been Djing since the late eighties. Admittedly I had never heard of this accomplished Canadian deejay prior to listening to Ah One Two Oye, the first single from his debut project entitled, Beats Pa La Nave (Beats For The Ship). On the aforesaid single, Grouch samples El Cantante, Hector Lavoe, to create an amorous beat that effectively captures the soul of salsa music over classic breakbeats.


DJ Grouch- Ah One Two Oye

Stack Bundles- See(ing)more Cake In The Afterlife

Two years ago today, the world lost a burgeoning artist to senseless violence, Far Rockaway’s own Stack Bundles. His death is a stark reminder of what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. In spite of his newfound success, the deceased chose to remain in the very streets (often guilty of concocting defeats) that raised him (Why are black communities plagued with the crab in the barrel syndrome? We would rather see the next man in a casket than shine). I remember when I lived out in Far Rockaway; it was a common occurrence to see Stack posted up by his Porsche on Beach 20th & Mott Avenue. RIP Stack gone but never forgotten...SQUAD UP!

Joe Budden- Send Him Our Love


More often than naught when a discussion of which one of A Tribe Called Quest’s releases was their best album, most pundits will argue that ninety-three’s Midnight Marauders is their most captivating work to date. Perhaps, Houston based producer, the ARE of K-Otix fame, is of that same opinion, and that is why back in 2007 he engineered Manipulated Marauders. As the title would imply, the ARE, reworked the samples utilized in ATCQ’s Midnight Marauders (hence the manipulated) to his own liking while equally paying homage to this classic; the result is a very different yet satisfying reconstruction.


the ARE - Eclectic Relaxation
the ARE- Award
the ARE- Lyrics To Stay
the ARE- Oh My God