Sunday, May 31, 2009


Of all the posthumous records that have come out, in my mind J Dilla’s works have always been the most consistent. Perhaps this is because he was a producer first, unlike say Pac or Biggie whose verses are often indefensibly tousled in with producers and rappers that probably still have the aforementioned legends rolling in their graves. Jay Stay Paid is a 25-track collection of music of which a strong majority is unreleased instrumentals that span from Dilla’s humble beginnings till his time at the hospital due to complications of Lupus. The album plays like a radio program throughout its entirety (phone calls, interviews included) with the very fitting Chocolate Boy Wonder, Pete Rock playing his part as a DJ for the hottest hour in hip-hop. It also features appearances from Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon and Lil’ Fame amongst others.

Executively produced by Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes, I can only hope that she gets to eat from this release and would imagine that this project serves as a little FUCK YOU to the executors of her son’s estate. In the past I talked to a few recognizable artists from Detroit who had affiliations with Dilla but are notably upset that the proprietors of Dilla’s music and name are not furnishing the needs of his [J-Dilla] immediate family.

Jay Stay Paid is a well crafted release, it’s no Donuts by any stretch of the musical imagination, but it remains a strong reminder of why people revere Dilla's music and bite his unique style. My only knock on this release is the album’s corny and clich├ęd artwork. Support good music and pick up J-Dilla, Jay Stay Paid on June 2nd.


J Dilla feat. Black Thought - Reality TV

J Dilla feat. Danny Brown- Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid

J Dilla - 9th Caller

J Dilla- Glamour Sho75 (09)


Guilty Simpson- Stress (Prod. By J Dilla)


On June 2nd, Canadian import, producer Marco Polo and Coney Island MC, Torae will release their well contrived LP, Double Barrel through the Duckdown imprint. United for one single purpose- to remind hip-hop of what NYC used to be and what it could be if our voices aren’t sold off for 30 silver pieces. Utilizing the long and forgotten concept of one emcee and producer, and inspired by the that gritty/out da city/knockin hip hop that made New York the pioneering sound some years back; the duo are successful at creating what some including myself might refer to as conventional hip-hop while effectively updating that champion sound.

Staying in the lane in which he has cemented his name as one of the better beatsmiths in the game, Marco Polo, supplies buckshot loads of quality instrumentals that make Torae’s well placed verbal shots even more menacing. The album is not short of features of high caliber either, featuring the likes of DJ Revolution, Masta Ace and Sean Price to name a few.

All things considered this album is not without its minor flaws; however, it is able to satisfy any listener who craves that real hip-hop, that raw and uncut for their eardrums, a lil’ bit of old boom bap mixed with the new as Torae spit, And that’s why me and Marco got into this/ We wanted to give them a record and make them reminiscence/ But still show we the future/. Support good music and pick up Marco Polo’s and Torae’s Double Barrel on June 2nd.


Marco Polo & Torae- But Wait

Marco Polo & Torae feat. Guilty Simpson- Stomp

Marco Polo & Torae feat. Masta Ace, Sean Price- Hold Up

Marco Polo & Torae feat. DJ Revolution- Lifetime

Thru My Camera: Amsterdam & Frankfurt

Smaller portions, smaller cars, Adidas plagued feet, gr8 beer and a breath of fresh air; a welcomed change to the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Breakfast Club- Free Download

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