Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Renaissance

Back in 2003 Q-Tip's sophomore LP, Kamaal the Abstract, never saw the light of day because of industry rule 4080, "Record company people are shady." Enter 2008, after playing what it seemed like musical chairs with several record labels, this well recognized Queens Native recently released his second album on Universal Records. The Renaissance is a beautifully crafted solo effort with accents of neo-soul mixed with abstract intelligent lyrics that could only be engendered by the Poetic Abstract.

Evident throughout this concise twelve track album, is Tip's decision not to concede his artistic interpretations, or rather visions, for the sake of mainstream success, which he already attained through his association with Tribe and the singles Vivrant Thing and Breath and Stop. Implicit in the title is the notion of a rebirth; a rebirth of Q-Tip- not very likely. Tip has always been creative residing on an abstract plane. if you will only hindered by the constrictions of his former labels. With a short list of balanced features, witness the rebirth of hip-hop as envisioned by Q-Tip.


Q-Tip- Official

Q-Tip feat. Amanda Diva- Manwomanboggie

Q-Tip- Move

Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones- Life Is Better

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