Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's yo' Pusha - Pusha T Interview

When faced with label drama most rap acts usually opt for the independent route. However, the Thorton brothers, better recognized as the Clipse, contend that they are good with the major labels; and why shouldn’t they be? Considering they have got the support of one Rick Rubin. The steadfast duo now call Columbia records their home and it is where the aforementioned knowledgeable Rubin co-heads. In spite of the already alluded label dispute, the Clipse were able to able to maintain their solid fan base through their street certified We Got It 4 Cheap series. What sets this duo apart from your run-of- the-mill crack rappers is their ability to highlight the repercussions of street-life with such intricate precision- case in point- Malice’s haunting verse on I’m Not You. Additionally their association with The Neptunes, whose sound has often been duplicated never replicated, doesn’t hurt either. I recently caught up with the younger Thorton brother Pusha T via telephone during a recent tour stop. Who would think that Pusha who describes their newest album, Til The Casket Drops as, “hip-hop on steroids” would be an avid tennis fan?



14 KT - Nowalataz

Ypsilanti native and member of both The Athletic Mic League (AML) and The Lab Techs, 14KT is an adroit production force to reckon with. With several production credits to his name that include the likes of Jay Electronica and Invincible; in addition to last year’s impressive debut, The Golden Hour ;14 KT is sure to become a name you check for when Michigan hip-hop is discussed (that’s if he’s not on your radar already). Recently 14 KT released his labor of love, a 16-track Donuts-inspired tribute for his unofficial “musical mentor”, the late James Yancey. Playfully titled Nowalataz, this project was unofficially completed in 2006, shortly after Dilla’s passing. However, 14 KT never had any intentions of releasing any of this material “out of respect for Dilla and his craft.” For whatever reasons 14 KT had a change of heart and decided to release this awe-inspiring collection for free collective consumption (no complaints here). While one can discern the Dilla influences, 14 KT still manages to leave his mark on tracks. The satisfying result is an uninterrupted, rhythmic, beautifully sampled infused excursion into harmonious ecstasy.


14 KT - Verbal Intercourse '06

14 KT - Hello.

14 KT - The Meaning

14 KT - Black N Gold

Skyzoo - Saving Our Grace Episode I: The Doubt

Skyzoo interview coming soon. Do remember Salvation in stores 09-29-09.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nocturnal Videos 25- EN WHY CEE

Let it be known I am not a fan of this video. Nevertheless this Scram Jones produced OBG is still the ish. Although we could do without that Murda verse, EN WHY CEE stand up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Raekwon feat. Deck, Meth, Ghost- House of Flying Daggers (prod. by J-Dilla)

The Wu is comin thru
, the outcome is critical...OBFCLII in stores Sept. 8th

That’s Using Your Noggin

There is no need to reiterate the industry’s shady practices, many of our favorite rappers, and our favorite rapper's favorite rappers have all been victim to these policies. More often than not they end up being relegated to has-beens with long arms and shallow pockets. Enter Roxanne Shante, a groundbreaking female rapper at age 14 and an original Juice Crew member. Like most young artists she was fed the shit end of the stick by her record label, and after releasing two albums, dejected with her situation, she remembered a clause in her contract with Warner Music that required the label to foot the bill for her education. Long story short, as of the year 2001 Roxanne Shante added the distinction of Dr. to her list of accolades after receiving a PHD in psychology. Now what should be taken from this situation is that rappers especially those that aspire to become rappers should actually READ their contracts and not leave it up to their lawyers. At the end of the day you [the rapper] and not the lawyer is one of the parties on the contract. Another thing to be noted is why this is news now in 2009 and not back then. Even if Roxanne wanted to keep this achievement under wraps, (not very likely) isn’t it the job of media outlets to investigate and report such commendable findings. I guess rappers really catch no slack; They (Media Outlets of all demographics) focus on the negative attention Do something positive, and never get mentioned.

Saigon - Warning Shots (Cover Art & Tracklist)

No one can deny the buzz that Saigon still has despite the nothingness that has come out of The Greatest Story Never Told; his much talked about debut has regrettably lived up to its title. Perhaps his buzz is attributed to the fact that Sai Giddy can actually spit with a flare of genius, though he might not fare so well in the album or mixtape naming category. On September 29th Saigon will release Warning Shots 2 on Amalgam Digital, a label he ironically dissed during his beef with Joe Budden. The project features production from frequent collaborators Just Blaze and Scram Jones to name and includes appearances by Lil’ Fame, Quan, Grand Puba, Ransom (who I believe still has beef with Budden) amongst others including the lyrically disinclined O.J. Da Juiceman (Why??). Apparently Gotta Believe It (a song which surfaced on the internet as early as last year) is the first single off of Warning Shots 2, and a video was recently shot in Brooklyn.

1. Nothing Comes Easy

2. That’s Not What’s Up Feat. G. Soul

3. Fatherhood (Rayne Dior) Feat. Loks

4. All Around The World Feat. G. Soul

5. For Some P*ssy Pt. 1 Feat. O.J. Da Juiceman

6. Cookies and Milk Introducing Young Boombaya & A.P.

7. Be On Time

8. G Optified

9. Fuck Me, Fuck You Feat Quan And Ransom

10. Rusty Gunz Feat. Lil Fame from M.O.P.

11. Aye, Aye, Aye Nigga

12. Copping Pleas

13. Who Can Get Busy Feat Grand Puba

14. For Some P*ssy Pt. 2

15. Gotta Believe It

16. Saiii Outro


Saigon - Aye, Aye, Aye Nigga