Sunday, November 30, 2008


Tupac was a true NIGGA, Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. Whenever I am posed with the question of who I thought was the best to rock the MIC, I am always quick to say the late Tupac Shakur, whose birthday was on the 16th of this month. However; almost as soon as I utter those very words, Biggie is always quick to "Kick in the Door"...but that's a whole different conversation all together. To commemorate the birth of the rose that grew from concrete, I have gathered nine of my many favorite Pac tracks from his extensive catalogue.

Whether you recognize Pac as the best that ever did it or not, you cannot deny his uncanny ability to spit with conviction and evoke raw, candid emotion...Oh yeah, apart from the nine aforementioned Pac songs, as a bonus I have included a tribute track from the man who is currently carrying the torch for the west- none other than Crooked-I ... My last day free could be for shooting three pigs PURE FIYAH!


Tupac-Nothing To Lose

Tupac- Hold On Be Strong

Tupac- Temptations

Tupac- Lord Knows

Tupac- The Streetz R Deathrow

Tupac- Keep Ya Head Up

Tupac- Breathin

Tupac- Tradin War Stories

Tupac- Part Time Mutha


Crooked-I- Dear Pac

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