Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nocturnal Videos: Episode 13- Unreal

NYOIL, a NY emcee by way of Staten Island is a very outspoken artist. His album Hood Treason originally released in '07, and re-released in '08 under the Babygrande imprint unequivocally supports this fact. Like Styles P's, I am Black, cuts on NYOIL's album will never see the light of day on the radio despite their banging beats, and compelling message(s); safe for Y'all Should Get Lynched which people knew about because of the video and its controversial nature and verbal battery of BET and rappers alike.

Most notably when it comes to the word Nigger, he clearly takes a stance that is quite opposite from that of NAS; however, we'll save that discussion for another day. Below is a video from one of my favorite cuts on his album so...listen with a humble ear/ don't be a fucking dunce...

* This is not a CLASSIC video by any stretch; but NYOIL is a decent emcee.

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