Friday, October 30, 2009

Skyzoo - Popularity

S- K-Y begs the question - How popular are you in his new video for Popularity from my pick for album of the year, The Salvation. Amanda Diva, Torae, Emilio Rojas, Donny Goines and Sha Stimuli all make cameos in Todd Angkasuwan’s colorful take on Bayside High School.

Cambatta feat. Nino Bless- Good Ol Dayz

"Each one teach one" seems very appropriate when discussing Good Ol Dayz, as Nino, who is in the zone like the Orangemen* jumps on this aforementioned with Cambatta, who he describes as a “real young kid but the kid can rap his ass off.” Like G Rap, who saw Nino’s potential, Nino finds himself in a similar position with Cambatta…Show love and peep how both Cam and Nino go left like Barack cause hip-hop is conservative…

*I only claim my Alma mater in rhymes and when they are good in basketball


Cambatta feat. Nino Bless – Good Ol Dayz

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A & E - Ei8ht is Enough

We [A&E] have been doin’ this as long as you have been alive/ so little boys keep your mouths shut when the men arrive. Ei8ht is enough is the newest video from Masta Ace & Edo. G [A&E]. A& E INTERVIEW COMING SOON!