Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Spectacula…

76Queens native, Spectacula- not to be confused with the member of a particular flamboyant boy band-is on to something. Having adopted the moniker Spectacula, he realizes that his work needs to be as; if not more impressive than many of the greats that have helped mold his music. While he still has a ways to go, by continuously challenging himself and ensuring that his ambition surpasses his comfort level he will surely hit his mark in the game. He is one of a handful of rappers who realize that the game is meant to be told and not sold; a notion that is lost in today's mainstream. I recently sent some questions via email to this up and coming rapper to find what exactly makes him Spectacula.*

ER: What it do Spectacula, how are you?

Spectacula: I can't complain about much so I guess I'm good; but you know what they say you could always stand to do a little better.

ER: Why don't you let the readers know who you are, where you are from and what you do?

Spectacula: I go by the name Spectacula, repping Queens Village, New York City also known as Shadyville. I'm an up and coming emcee trying to follow the tradition of great Queens's lyricists.

ER: What is Spectacula bringing to the rap table?

Spectacula: I feel like I'm bringing a level of originality to the table that has been missing for quite some time in Hip-Hop. Every time I put a pen to paper I set out to do something that hasn't been done before. Sometimes I hit it on the head and sometimes I fall flat on my face but I would rather challenge myself than stay in a comfort zone.

ER: Why do you go by Spectacula?

Spectacula: Simply because it's a lot to live up to, people who are unfamiliar with my music usually want to see if I could live up to that name. It's added pressure going by Spectacula... I feel like I'm obligated to be good but I think I work well under pressure. If my name was Joe Smoe or something I could probably get away with a wack song; but being known as Spectacula I don't even think I could consider making something wack.

ER: Despite the alarming numbers, not many emcees choose to discuss AIDS in their music. You; however, devoted an entire track to this topic. Why is that? And what do you hope to achieve with the track's message?
Spectacula: Like I said before I like a challenge. I really can't understand why it's not a bigger issue in Hip-Hop. If you compared statistics more people in the African American community are affected by H.I.V. and AIDS than the crack epidemic but if you just listened to Hip-Hop you'd think it was the other way around. As far as the message of the track I just wanted to show people that they are more serious things going on in the world than the things we idolize in Hip-Hop. I'm a realist I don't expect people to go out and be AIDS activist after hearing Monster but I do hope that they have second thoughts when they view the subject.

ER: Who have been your musical influences, Hip Hop wise? How would you describe your style?

Spectacula: My favorite emcees are Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Big L and AZ. I feel like my music is heavily influenced by those five emcees but at the same time I feel like I'm my own artist. I would describe my style as personal, lyrical and brutally honest.

ER: On Goodnight you spit a lot of truths, could you speak more on the track?

Spectacula: I wrote Goodnight about a year and a half before it was recorded and actually for a while I had no plans to record it. I was really just venting about all the problems with the game at that point and the funny thing is that all the things I discussed on the song are still as relevant as they were a year and a half ago. The point I was trying to make with Goonight is that the music Industry is fucked up, especially for a new artist and it's not getting any better.

ER: On Myspace your tagline reads, "Failure is not an option I will not lose," how do you hope to achieve success?

Spectacula: The way I define success has nothing to do with Platinum plaques or millions of dollars; the type of success I'm going for is legendary status in Hip-Hop. I want people to speak my name in the same breath as the greatest emcees. So I guess the way I plan to achieve that is by continuing to perfect my craft and continue to challenge myself.

ER: Have you got any shows lined up? What is your next move?

Spectacula: The show schedule for the time being is kinda light but I should have some solid dates locked in for the top of the year. I got a show I do every month called Freedom Mic in Jamaica, Queens. Other than that I got a few mixtapes; I'm getting ready to put out Classical Muzikth with DJ Furious Styles for free download on November 17

* I have to be one of the few writers that still has to deal with the unreliability of microcassettes; email was my back up plan.


Spectacula- Ready Or Not

Spectacula- Monster

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