Sunday, November 30, 2008


Lord Knows The Good Die Young still Life Goes On. Pac, Holler If Ya Hear Me, I am a Young Black Male Trapped, Strugglin' till Something Wicked this way come. I live in a world no different from yours, a world filled with Temptations, Teardrops And Closed Caskets. This Ain't Livin', Young Niggaz Run The Streets. Peep Game, The Streetz R [still] Deathrow, Me And My Girlfriend saw some Lil' Homies Open Fire On My Block. Shit Don't Stop many still try to live the Life of An Outlaw or for Street Fame, Under Pressure from the Cradle To The Grave.

As The World Turns, Where Do We Go From Here? It Ain't Easy when we got Death Around The Corner. So Many Tears, got me feelin' like there could Never B Peace-I now Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto.

When you left us you were Heavy In The Game, it was All Bout U, Tradin' War Stories with a worthy adversary. Now you are feeling No More Pain somewhere in that Thugz Mansion; now you got yourself a Happy Home. Still the game is Runnin on E, filled with Fake Ass Bitches, no longer offering Words Of Wisdom.... Don't Get It Twisted there's a still a few with Nothing To Lose who Stay True 2 the game but dey the Lastonesleft.

Until The End Of [my] Time, Keep Ya Head Up I got Nothing But Love for ya.

Holla At Me

Eldorado Red

P.S. These niggaz speak Blasphemy when they don't recognize you as one of the best if not the best to ever to bless the MIC.

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