Sunday, November 30, 2008


With our merciless ascent into the digital world CDs have been pushed unto the precipice of nonexistence. Gone are days when one anticipates the release of a particular artist, instead one just has to peruse the web, point and click et voila- sometimes weeks before the determined release date. With the measured disappearance of CDs, so goes the artwork that comes with these albums. Take for example The Roots recent release Rising Down, or Brother Ali's Shadows of the Sun or even Lil Kim's flattering Hardcore all these titles convey deliberate messages ranging from sexual to political themes.

June 17th marks the official release of super emcee, femme fatale, Jean Grae's Jeanius, produced entirely by 9th Wonder (He has a knack for bringing out the best out of people- Skyzoo's Cloud 9: The Three Day High, to name a few). Though the album was created as early as 2004 it was never released but did leak. Nevertheless, this June release will feature four different covers that parody a few albums from rap history's fine past and some reworked tracks courtesy of 9th of course.
Pictured below are the purported covers and the original covers they spoof.

From Left To Right: Public Enemy's It Takes A Million To Hold Us Back, Black Sheep's A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Where is part II ?) and Das EFX's Dead Serious.


Public Enemy- Rebel Without A Pause

Raekwon feat. Nas Escobar and Tony Starks- Verbal Intercourse

Jean Grae- Don't Rush Me

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