Sunday, November 30, 2008


Being that I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about hip hop from the Golden era and beyond, I hate to admit that I was not aware of 9th Wonder’s exploits prior to hearing Little Brother’s Lovin’ it. This ultimately led me to digging for anything and everything 9th related-and dig I did. Despite his uncanny ability to deliver soulful music that constantly seems to garnish the lyricists; several critics are quick to point out that all this is achieved through programming on Fruity Loops (FL Studio). What they don’t appreciate is that this tool is seemingly the method to his madness; the madness being the unheralded beautiful music that this NC native irrefutably composes. What is also particularly interesting about this producer extraordinaire is that he moonlights as a teacher, well not exactly; but he does instruct a hip hop history class in the music department at North Carolina Central University. Imagine being taught by 9th himself! Not too long ago, I remember reading about Lil’ Kim being a major part of a course’s syllabus at my Alma Mata and wondering what that must have been like…


Murs & 9th Wonder- Dreamchasers

Jean Grae- Supa Luv

Sean Price- Heartburn

Kaza- For The Record

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