Sunday, November 30, 2008

What do it take to be a legend like Nas is

Whenever I listen to Nas post 2001, I always have Jay-Z to thank for seemingly lighting the fire under Nas's ass. Before Jay Z's now infamous Takeover, Nas was for lack of better words perplexed (Nastradamus anybody?) Anyway Nas has always being a personal favorite of mine despite his contradictions and lapses; he always seems to bring knowledge to the mic. Anyway this is a video is from his upcoming releasing, I am not sure about the title but I assure you it ain't Nigger. While I am not a fan of the song (Be A Nigger Too) for several reasons, the video though is well crafted coupled with its powerful images, subtle cameos (Chris and Bubbles from The Wire, Michael Moore I think; to name a few). Nas even delivers an eloquent powerful opening scripture where he spits,"...and build cases/ meanwhile their daddies and they brothers is recruiting all my brothers and cousins to fill bases/ the nerve of y'all to call Escobar racist/ Nigga, nigga....."

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