Monday, August 17, 2009

Pac - Immortal

A couple of weeks ago a number of unreleased Tupac recordings found their way unto everybody’s one-click shop, the internet. Not only did these tracks sometimes include original versions of songs that were released on the countless posthumous albums from this venerated artist, but they also offered insight into this multifaceted individual. Take for example the freestyle If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) which features Snoop and samples Diana Ross’s Love Hangover. In spite of Snoop’s gravitating (for lack of better words) presence on the MIC, apparent in this freestyle is Pac’s overwhelming personality; it almost seems like Snoop feeds off Pac’s energy. War Gamez, a snipe at practically every major player from NY at that time, demonstrates Pac’s relentless ferocity on the MIC without fear of verbal repercussions. As noted earlier, some of these unreleased recordings are original versions, which is very welcoming because even despite of their roughness in respect to sound quality they more than likely represent the closest depictions of Pac’s vision when recording these tracks.


Tupac feat. Eminem, Kastoro & Young Noble – Black Cotton
Tupac feat. The Outlawz - Black Cotton (Original)
Tupac feat. Elton John – Ghetto Gospel

Tupac – Ghetto Gospel (Original)
Tupac feat. Lil Mo – Niggaz Nature
Tupac – Niggaz Nature (Original)
Tupac- Changes
Tupac- Changes (Original)


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