Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hip Hopera Example V

For whatever reasons, Sticky and Cousin Fredro Starr faded into national hip-hop obscurity. Perhaps it is because they went Hollywood and subsequently made some questionable decisions, UPN’s Platinum, anyone? Or maybe it is because people can only name two maybe three of their albums as members of Onyx. Nevertheless; in spite of their shortcomings, one cannot dispel their contributions,-yes contributions to hip-hop and the handful of times they pushed the envelope of musical ingenuity. Fredro’s premise for 2001’s introspective What if was recently employed by both Jadakiss and Nas on a track coincidently called What If and Sticky presented the hip-hop world with his alter ego, Kirk Jones. It is a great disservice to Sticky Fingaz and an even greater disservice to hip-hop when [Black Trash] The Autobiography of Kirk Jones is not included with the best albums to have come out in this decade; just Sticky’s creative attempt should make it worthy of such acknowledgment. Much like Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves, Sticky’s Black Trash plays like an R-rated movie from Universal Pictures (Universal theme music included) that chronicles the story of Kirk Jones acclimating to life after a bid. During this readjustment period Kirk has to come to terms with his conscience, played by Omar Epps, while battling his knucklehead tendencies that lend to his imminent demise. Like A Prince Among Thieves, all the songs save for one (Wonderful World) and skits successfully help in developing the plot for Kirk’s autobiography whose stellar cast includes the likes of Rah Digga, Raekwon, Canibus, Redman to name a few flexing their acting skills over a musical score supplied by and not limited to Rockwilder, Nottz and DJ Scratch (EPMD’s DJ). Songs like the X1 and Still Livin assisted Why and the guest filled State Vs. Kirk Jones are so skillfully executed that they propel the listeners into the very settings that are described in the verses. In that Sticky was able to create a well-executed concept album that adheres to the standards set by Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves is a great feat in itself, but he outdoes himself with the inclusion of tracks like Sister I’m Sorry and Baby Brother which both reveal poignant and meaningful messages.

Sticky Fingaz feat. Raekwon - Money Talks
Sticky Fingaz feat. X1 & Still Livin - Why
Sticky Fingaz feat. Rah Digga, Canibus, Guess Who, Redman, Scarred 4 Life, Superb - State Vs. Kirk Jones


Onyx - React

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