Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's yo' Pusha - Pusha T Interview

When faced with label drama most rap acts usually opt for the independent route. However, the Thorton brothers, better recognized as the Clipse, contend that they are good with the major labels; and why shouldn’t they be? Considering they have got the support of one Rick Rubin. The steadfast duo now call Columbia records their home and it is where the aforementioned knowledgeable Rubin co-heads. In spite of the already alluded label dispute, the Clipse were able to able to maintain their solid fan base through their street certified We Got It 4 Cheap series. What sets this duo apart from your run-of- the-mill crack rappers is their ability to highlight the repercussions of street-life with such intricate precision- case in point- Malice’s haunting verse on I’m Not You. Additionally their association with The Neptunes, whose sound has often been duplicated never replicated, doesn’t hurt either. I recently caught up with the younger Thorton brother Pusha T via telephone during a recent tour stop. Who would think that Pusha who describes their newest album, Til The Casket Drops as, “hip-hop on steroids” would be an avid tennis fan?



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Fund The Mental said...

One of the top 5 rap duos I wish these guys got the exposure they deserve