Wednesday, August 26, 2009

14 KT - Nowalataz

Ypsilanti native and member of both The Athletic Mic League (AML) and The Lab Techs, 14KT is an adroit production force to reckon with. With several production credits to his name that include the likes of Jay Electronica and Invincible; in addition to last year’s impressive debut, The Golden Hour ;14 KT is sure to become a name you check for when Michigan hip-hop is discussed (that’s if he’s not on your radar already). Recently 14 KT released his labor of love, a 16-track Donuts-inspired tribute for his unofficial “musical mentor”, the late James Yancey. Playfully titled Nowalataz, this project was unofficially completed in 2006, shortly after Dilla’s passing. However, 14 KT never had any intentions of releasing any of this material “out of respect for Dilla and his craft.” For whatever reasons 14 KT had a change of heart and decided to release this awe-inspiring collection for free collective consumption (no complaints here). While one can discern the Dilla influences, 14 KT still manages to leave his mark on tracks. The satisfying result is an uninterrupted, rhythmic, beautifully sampled infused excursion into harmonious ecstasy.


14 KT - Verbal Intercourse '06

14 KT - Hello.

14 KT - The Meaning

14 KT - Black N Gold

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