Monday, October 12, 2009


I cannot pretend to know anything about Ethiopia not to talk of its music; I can only attest to its beautiful women; case in point my better half. Therefore I cannot (by myself) validate the authenticity of the Ethiopian samples found on Oh No’s follow up to Dr. No’s Oxperiment, Dr. No’s Ethiopium. Nevertheless, it does not take a musical ear to discern the worldly samples found on MJ’s newest endeavor and even more so my aforementioned queen to be, who for all intensive purpose is an expert on the region, was captivated by the apparent native sounds found on producer/rapper Oh No’s eighteen-track opus. If anything at all, Dr. No’s Ethiopium is exemplar of the gifted use of a sampler and a crate; as Madlib’s younger sibling delves into obscure regional sounds and flips them like a man possessed. The result is delectable blend of savory and dusty beats whose effects can only be accentuated by a toke of that green foliage. Highlights of this project include, Soul of Ethiopia, Pussy, The Pain, The Funk and Adventure to name a few. Like Illa-J, Oh No has the unlucky fortune of having a musically inclined older brother (Oh No fares better in the lyrical department), however with well crafted projects like Dr. No’s Ethiopium the comparisons are sure to be plenty and positive. The CD and LP version of Dr. No’s Ethiopium will be released on November 2nd in conjunction with Intelligentsia’s Stones Throw’s Ethiopium coffee.


Oh No – Pussy

Oh No – Adventure

Oh No – Soul of Ethiopia

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