Thursday, October 1, 2009

R.I.P. To Female Emcees - Invincible

I never like to bring up race in as much as I hate discussing religion- the double Rs if you will; however I would be lying if I said that I didn’t assume Invincible was black when I first heard her (Please bear with my ignorance). Subsequently, this may seem like a cop-out when I propose that with her politically charged, tenacious bars Murden-mitten’s own Invincible is easily the Nancy Lieberman of this rap shit. I became aware of Invincible’s lyrical dexterity, when she was featured on Finale’s Waiting Game; her swift, cohesive bars were nothing more than stellar (whereupon I assumed* she was black). Ensuing, I dug up her debut Shapeshifters and was not only pleased but was taken back when I quickly discovered that she was white. Embedded within her rapid delivery was engaging subject matter that ranged from suicide to gentrification. Like Far-Rockaway raised Lieberman, who dazzled opponents and audiences with her basketball skills making a name for herself in the male-dominated courts Uptown; Invincible has engaged audiences and her peers with an engaging flow fortified with lyrics that pack like a Sledgehammer. The District of Columbia has long been considered United State’s Chocolate City, but anybody who has lived or visited the city of Detroit will tell you that title could be easily shared or even better, a new coronation is in order. That said Invincible has emerged from and made her name in a city whose history would suggest that it is black, and has been able to garner praise from her peers (the majority of them men) and audiences alike; ultimately proving that she can hang with the boys. Similarly, Nancy Lieberman or Lady Magic (A nod to Magic Johnson) as she was known in the basketball world would prove she could do the same, eventually becoming both the first female to play in a professional men’s league and the first to earn a million dollars in basketball.

*Assumption Is The Mutha Of All....


Invincible – Sledgehammer!

Invincible – In The Mourning

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