Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Recently Cormega made some comments about Young Money member and Degrassi alum, Drake that seemed to cause a stir. Initially when I read Mega’s comments I felt they were shallow and unfounded on the basis, that rap is a platform for free expression. In the end the media renowned for inciting controversy exploited Mega’s words for their own gains (You don’t say). According to Mega, “…is gettin wayyyy more attention than it deserves. I NEVER DISSED HIM that shit is edited and taken out of context they asked me what I think of Drake rapping on some street thug shit. Why would say rich kids shouldn’t rap that’s completely stupid and untrue rich people and white suburban kids buy 70% of rap so why would I want to offend them OR DISS THEM WHEN THEY SUPPORT ME! “Clearly Cormega is not trying to bite the hands that feed him. He goes on to say that, “All I meant was I can’t respect when people try to be street and they have no street history and the streets are dangerous as opposed to the places they grew up. Will Smith never acted hard but we still enjoy his music Grand Puba never rhymed hard or glorified the street and he’s on my album [Born And Raised].”

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