Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OPEN YOUR MIND CASE 18: Bobo Meets Rhettmatic

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic is a mixtape project that finds the familiar hip-hop faces of Eric Bobo, lead percussionist for contemporary marijuana enthusiasts Cypress Hill, and DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies doing what they do best. These two hip-hop mainstays are obviously in their natural element, imaginatively fusing Bobo’s renowned and well coveted percussionist talents with the honed skills of turntablist Rhettmatic. The result of this auditory union is pleasing, as it is able to capture hip-hop’s rudimentary stages. Unbeknownst to the casual listener this collaborative effort may appear as a forced pairing of talents, a spur of the moment project if you will; however, having performed together on several occasions this seems like a natural progression for this capable duo. Nevertheless, given their individual stock and the range of tracks covered one would expect better work. In my humble opinion Bobo Meets Rhettmatic drags and gets old quickly but it’s still worth checking out.


Bobo Meets Rhettmatic

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