Friday, February 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasures - Entry #3

In theory as a current member of XXL’s Freshmen 10, Pittsburgh Pistolvania’s Wiz Khalifa, as well as the other purported additions to this year’s class, have been placed on a pedestal of some sort that would theoretically galvanize their musical careers. Only time will tell what becomes of their (2010 freshmen) respective careers. Wiz Khalifa and his unofficial running mate New Orleans’s Curren$y  (’09 Freshman Class member) are the new generations Mef and Red, based on their evident  chemistry (How Fly) and affinity for that green made clear in their music catalogues. What’s more, these smokin’ patnas are working on a movie similar to How High. I realize this is a lofty comparison but it is not so far-fetched. Their lyrical talents may be subpar in comparison to the aforementioned seasoned veterans, but these young artists are in their pubescent stages of the careers and stand to only get better, right?
In either case, Wiz Khalifa’s debut single from Warner Bros (he has since severed ties with this major label), Say Yeah is an interesting song to say the least. It samples Alice Deejay’s techno/trance hit, Better Off Alone, and to some extent adjusts it to hip-hop standards; just barely that is. Wiz’s track brings up memories that should otherwise be forgotten, memories I tucked deep between my memory banks, thanks Wizzy for the memories. That said this ‘08 single still gets plenty of play on my iPod today but that’s off the record, on the q-t, and very hush-hush.

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