Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skyzoo - Return Of The Real

Brooklyn bred Skyzoo whose name borrows from the New York Seventies group Skyy’s hit single, Skyzoo, is a determined emcee with lofty goals. Being an eighties baby, and having matured during hip-hop’s golden years, Sky has evidently adopted and implemented the lessons from the champion emcees before him to craft his own distinct style while steering clear away from the gimmicks. A true New Yorker with a grind that rivals that of Donny Goines, Sky managed to retain his buzz and solidify his credibility through certified mixtapes and numerous appearances with creditable artists (Association Breeds Similarity). On September 29th, Skyzoo will release his much anticipated debut LP, The Salvation via Jamla Records/ Duck Down. This album lives up to its title, offering hip-hop that much needed balance, and it’s my early pick for album of the year. Rather than compounding The Salvation with superfluous features, S-K-Y-Z-O-O takes a different approach ultimately proving that, “The Salvation is about me [Skyzoo].” I recently caught up with Skyzoo on the telephone in hopes of digging the mind of the one who penned the tour de force that is The Salvation.




Skyzoo - Return Of The Real

Skyzoo - Like A Marathon

Skyzoo - The Shooter’s Soundtrack

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