Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cormega Interview Coming Soon!

For whatever reasons Cory Mckay, better known by his alias, Cormega never got his just deserts. Perhaps it was because of a longstanding feud with fellow Queensbridge alum Nas, who for better or worse will always be identified with both Cormega and AZ. Or chances are that it was because as Mega puts it, “…I was blacklisted in the industry. The powers that be were trying to stop me from releasing my music, so I had no choice but to put out my own music.” The gratifying result of his frustration would be the formation of his own label, Legal Hustle Records in 2000. This product of necessity would lend to the releases of The Realness (2001), True Meaning (2002) amongst other commendable endeavors; including The Testament which featured One Love, Mega’s a response to Nas’s track of the same name. Despite incarceration, his fallout with Nas, and industry B.S., Cormega has undeniably been able to sustain his validity as an emcee, ensuing he could walk through your projects with no shoelaces/ and laugh at them niggas with the broke screw faces…Cormega Interview Coming Soon

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