Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 KT- He’s Goin’ To Kill You With His Music

Released in October of 2008, 14 KT’s The Golden Hour is as refreshing as a tall glass of water on a hot summer afternoon; it is an inspirational journey orchestrated by KT’s musical genius that absorbs its listeners throughout its entirety. In medical jargon, The Golden Hour, loosely refers to a critical time period where one’s life can be saved through surgical procedures following significant injuries. By titling his album, The Golden Hour, one can conceive that this is a product resulting of 14 KT being at a crucial musical juncture (his golden hour if you will; whereby he has to make critical decisions, like on the operating table); this musical offering is a result of KT’s heightened state of inner reflection. Tracks like The Waiting Room (The Main Theme), Surgery, and the comforting Tiffany Paige assisted song, The Inside all add to The Golden Hour notion.

Evident in the tracks found on The Golden Hour are Electronic, Jazz, Gospel, Disco and Neo-Soul influences, and the entire gamut is scrumptiously infused with hip-hop coupled with a dash of his unofficial “musical mentor”, Dilla, to create a sound worthy of praise. Accordingly, fellow Michigan production heavy weight, Black Milk describes 14 KT as, “the next dope producer from the mitten that people are about to start checkin’ for….”


14 KT feat. Tiffany Paige – The Inside

14 KT feat. Karla Crawford – ICU Smile

14 KT – When My Sunsets (The Golden Hour)

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