Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SUPPORT GOOD MUZIK- Chemical Warfare

The Alchemist is a shining example of how hip-hop permeates all boundaries. Hailing from the city made famous on the idiot box in the nineties by adults playing teenagers on the set of Beverly Hills 90210, AlantheChemist has become one of most recognizable producers in hip-hop. His instrumentals have provided the soundscape for the vocals of the likes of Mobb Deep (think track 16 on Murda Muzik), Dilated Peoples, Jadakiss, Ghost and stepbrother Evidence to name a few.

Much like his 2004 debut 1st Infantry, Chemical Warfare relies on a similar structure that boasts a bevy of rappers over ALC’s trademark gritty beats on all but one song- a bonus cut, Under Siege, from Gangrene’s (OhNo & Evidence) upcoming LP. The guests on this solid compilation include Kool G Rap, Lady of Rage, Fabolous and KRS-One amongst others. Fans of Alchemist will not be surprised to find two tracks (Therapy, Lose Your Life barring the addition of Talib Kweli’s verse) that were already featured on his EP, The Alchemists Cookbook make their way onto Chemical Warfare; considering it [The Alchemist’s Cookbook} served as a preview or appetizer of some sorts before the entrĂ©e that is Chemical Warfare. Nevertheless, these additions don’t take anything away from the finished product.

While I am not sold on The Alchemist’s lyricism (as a matter of fact, he admits that he is a bad rapper), the scrawny Jewish kid from Beverly Hills more than makes up for a lack of spitting with his production alongside the conglomerate of rappers he assembled for Chemical Warfare. Support good music and pick up Alchemist’s (never the one to shy away from his affluent upbringing) Chemical Warfare on July 7th.


The Alchemist feat. Lil Fame - Lights, Cameras, Action

The Alchemist feat. Dogg Pound & The Lady of Rage - On Sight

The Alchemist feat. Oh NO, Roc C & Crooked I - Acts of Violence

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