Thursday, July 16, 2009

Les 4 Fantastiques

The unforeseen, yet well received formation of the supreme lyrical team known as Slaughterhouse, is a strong indicator that hip hop should and will pass the litmus test- there is Life After Death. Ever since creating a lyrical splash or even better, a lyrical aqueduct (word to Cormega raw foreva) on Budden’s Halfway House, the collective consisting of Royce da 5’9, Joe Budden, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz have been hailed the best thing since sliced bread, and not without merit (I wish Saigon got an invite). Accordingly, their August 11th debut is one of the most sought after releases for this summer. There’s no question as to the lyrical prowess of this stable of emcees, however TPTB failed to distinguish their talents or didn’t feel they would be marketable in this ring tone saturated industry….fuck execs all the interns think [they(Slaughterhouse)] are hard. One would think that a climate that is drenched with monotony and banality would welcome a change but NO…money talks and bullshit gets played. If one were to examine the well documented careers of these microphone fiends (to the nth degree), it is apparent that each respective individual has been jilted by the record industry at some time or another, Industry rule #4080 - record company people are shadyyyy! Rather than succumb to the industry's inexplicable and reproachable standards, these individuals continued to do what they were put on God’s green earth to do-{reader input}.Ultimately going against the complacent norm while capitalizing on hip-hop’s frenemy- the internet; each emcee was a staple on the internet… [They] Finally understanding what the gift and the curse is. Let this be a lesson- the internet can be your friend if you have what WE need; WE the small collective that value real hip-hop over all that extra cheese. I have no doubt that barring any infighting (fingers crossed) Slaughterhouse will be successful, whether this will manifest itself in numbers waits to be seen.I will say that apart from their obvious lyrical dexterity, another thing this group has going for them is their acknowledgment of those who paved the way for them, (something that is nonexistent in today’s listeners- You must learn) whether it be through dedications, renditions, affiliations. Nevertheless, I hope that out of respect Budden doesn’t respond to Deck (or the entire Wu for that matter), but we all know that’s wishful thinking.

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