Monday, July 27, 2009

Buckshot Interview- If there’s no boom bap, he don’t want it

Throughout the years we have observed Clan’s, Crew’s, Posse’s & Cliks come and go through hip-hop’s revolving doors (used to be exclusive). Some of them have stood the test of time, while others have failed miserably in attempts to engineer elements otherwise built on camaraderie and brotherhood. Tactical master, Buckshot sits at the helm of the Boot Camp Clik, a Brooklyn collective that for all intensive purposes is au naturel. Buckshot’s latest collaborative endeavor with KRS-One, Survival Skills, is a testament to both individuals longevity in the game, accordingly Buckshot has outlined points or rather factors that are essential to one’s survival-mental, spiritual, physical and tactical. Not to be outdone by other rappers who venture into the fashion realm, Buckshot with his ear to streets and his eyes on corporate Amerikkka is working on his buckpack, his version of the backpack. A true hip-hop fan as evidenced in recent remarks about Rock The Bells, I recently caught up with the Five-Star General via telephone and found out what it was like working with the perfectionist that is or was Tupac Shakur, Survival Skills, the proper weight constituency for a backpack and his feelings on Jay-Z’s D.O.A; The BDI Thug proves that there are more than ninety-nine reasons to his madness.

Buckshot Interview


Buckshot & KRS-One - Survival Skills

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