Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beanie Sigel- The Focus (Cover Art & Tracklist)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Broad Street Bully has an album on deck, aptly titled The Focus. It’s always good to see this Pistolvania native bounce back like a bad check/ no sweat, after frequent publicized run-ins with the law. Seems like Beanie Sigel lives round the block from death across the street of beef. Track-4 suitably titled, Death Follows Me, would suggest that this criminally underrated emcee has come to the realization with this sad but bona fide detail. The fact that there has been barely any promotion if any at all for The Focus, would suggest that this is strictly a street release (it will probably prominently feature leftovers from former projects). Nevertheless I will still be checking for the tentative September 1st release from this criminally underrated emcee who’s bout that.

1. Broad Street Bully
2. All In
3. Shot Em Up
4. Death Follows Me
5. Phili feat. Freeway & Young Chris
6. Ready For War feat. Freeway & Young Chris
7. Point The Finger feat. Young Chris
8. Get Back To Rap feat. Young Neef
9. I’m Sicker feat. Freeway
10. What Are We Doing Here
11. Going Through The Emotions
12. You Over Did It
13. Why Shouldn’t I

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