Friday, January 15, 2010

R.I.P. To Female Emcees - Rage

Despite having only one album, ninety-seven’s Necessary Roughness under her recording belt; The Lady of Rage or Rage with a flow like a locomotive is clearly a verbal force to be reckoned with. With a scorching lyrical style and delivery that may as well being conceived in the cells of hell she has gone toe-to-toe with many a rapper. From her early days with Snoop and Kurupt to more recently sharing the MIC with the likes of Royce da 5’9 and Bumpy Knuckles the lyrical murderer has exhibited a long lasting-presence and that is not attributed to her trademark afro-puffs. Had she ever donned a skirt, a pitbull in a skirt, would be a very fitting analogy when describing her persona on the microphone (I am sure Eve will not mind particularly since she has gone Hollywood; though I hear she is on tap for RR reemergence). Never the one to compensate her sexuality or skills for her male audience, male counterparts or the industry as a whole she is one of a very female rap artists that let her verbal talents speak for themselves (no pun intended); opting to retain her morals in the place of the road to riches and diamond rings cause real rappers do real things. Rage is easily the Candace Parker of this rap shit. That said though Candace is generally considered the female Jordan of their game, the same should not be suggested about Rage. Like Candace who dazzled and continues to dazzle spectators with her basketball skills and intellect, Rage continues to remind listeners that when it comes to that spit game she is that dame. Coincidentally Candace Parker, the first female to dunk twice in a college game, took time off from the sport to give birth to her first child. Similarly Rage took a brief hiatus from the game electing to flex her acting skills on the movie screen.


Alchemist feat. Dogg Pound & Lady of Rage - On Sight

NYGZ feat. Bumpy Knuckles, Lady of Rage & Royce da 5' 9'' - Ya dayz R #'D

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