Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tale Of The Gun

Despite the harrowing tragedies that ensue from their inappropriate use, references to and the use of guns has long been a part of hip-hop. Perhaps their existence in rhymes, videos, waists whatever the case may be is due to the inherent machismo and dog-eat-dog nature that is hip-hop; or because rappers feel the need to keep it real, often emulating the lifestyles of the streets tragic heroes. Or simply for the sake of protection, after all you know what they say- we some crabs in a barrel man! At any rate it seems as though guns are here to stay; preferably in metaphors. Thus after listening to Before I Self Destruct's (which is surprisingly better than I would have thought, given Fiddy’s recent track record) Hold Me Down, I thought about some of my favorite songs with gun metaphors et voila….


Tupac - Me And My Girlfriend

50 Cent - Hold Me Down

Nas - I Gave You Power

Organized Konfusion - Stray Bullet

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