Friday, November 13, 2009

Mega- Salute The Realness

When Cormega says, “I trusted the most typical dude in the industry that I should never have trusted”, it is hard not to phantom the rebel to Amerikkka, Nas as that dude, off course record company people are shady also comes to mind. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that Mega, the seasoned and underrated veteran exudes an assured maturation on his latest LP, Born And Raised. He realizes that tomorrow is not promised today is a gift...what you did yesterday you can never relive to pursue it is to question what your relevance is. Apparent in this line is Cormega’s growth, and that is exactly what his new album does, it displays growth from Queensbridge’s finest by way of Brooklyn. I recently caught up with Mr. Fuck A Flow this is a lyrical aqueduct to discuss his new album and find out the reasons behind his hiatus.

ER: Mega, Wassup?

Cormega: What’s going on?

ER: Ain’t nuthin…I understand you are going on out of town tomorrow?

Cormega: Yeah, I am going to do some promotions and shows.

ER: Where at?

Cormega: Chicago.

ER: Oh, Ok. Why the hiatus Mega, what is it been like 7 years since you released True Meaning?

Cormega: had to do what was best for my career. Also I had a kid at the end of the year when True Meaning came out so…the length of time is basically because of my kid and I was working on other projects.

Cormega: Chicago.

ER: Is that your child at the end of The Journey video?

Cormega: Yes.

ER: What’s the next video you are going to be working on?

Cormega: Rapture, I am going to do a video for Rapture, One Purpose, possibly two or three more songs. I am going to do a minimum of five videos for this album.

ER: Ok, you mentioned One Purpose but it’s really short…

Cormega: Yeah but it’s not going to be short when I re...when I do the video I am going to do a different version. I am also going have a different version that’s going to be on another album I am putting out. I am reissuing Born and Raised.

ER: When is the reissue for Born and Raised coming out?

Cormega: Within the next 4 months.

ER: Word…

Cormega: Yeah I am going to make some changes, like I said One Purpose is going to be longer. I am going do different mixes on some of the songs.

ER: What has the response being like to Born and Raised?

Cormega: The response has been very, very good, especially from the media.

ER: What’s your take on the media considering they recently misconstrued your words about Drake?

Cormega: I could care less.

ER: (Laughs) Ok could you explain the meaning behind the album’s title?

Cormega: The meaning…is just youknow growth. You know growth from the place where I am from.

ER: Born and Raised is a who’s who of producers, how did you go about selecting cuts for this project?

Cormega: I listen to them (laughs)

ER: (Laughs) Obviously…

Cormega: I just listen as opposed to just getting production from people that’s hot; I just went with my heart.

ER: Would you agree that the NY movement has taken a back seat to other regions?

Cormega: Not recently, in the last few years, yes; but not recently.

ER: Could you elaborate on that statement?

Cormega: Look at the music that has been out. You got Jay Z with Empire State of Mind; the chorus is I am from NY. I was in Boston I heard that on the radio, everywhere I go I hear that on the radio. Everybody is making noise, Raekwon. There are a lot of people; Fabolous came out, Jadakiss; so NY is back.

ER: Looking back on your career do you have any regrets?

Cormega: Not Really (Pauses) only regret that I have is that I trusted the most typical dude in the industry that I should have never have trusted.

ER: Even though most artists claim to be in touch with their fan base, you actually converse with your fans in your Legal Hustle forum, what prompted you to this?

Cormega: I don’t know it was just something I wanted to do because I realized the importance of it. Like fans are your friends at the end of the day. Some of my fans actually become my friends, like some of them have my phone number; I just thought it was important customer relations, youknow now everybody is doing it, so it is what it is.

ER: How do you feel about the situation with Jay and Beans?

Cormega: I don’t care; I have learned to mind my business. People that talk about other peoples business don’t have any business of their own going on. So I really don’t care, but I will tell you one thing I like Beanie Sigel as an artist A LOT. I think Beanie Sigel is underrated, I love him.

ER: Anything else you want your fans to know?

Cormega: Yeah, my album is out go get it! (Laughs)


Cormega - Live and Learn

Cormega - Rapture

Cormega - Girl

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