Thursday, June 4, 2009


D.C.’s own Oddisee has been quietly putting in work for several years and is finally reaping the fruits of his dedicated labor through the apparent manifestation of a wider audience. He is undeniably a name to look out for, this year and many years to come; with production and collaboration credits that already include Philly staple, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Saigon and Finale just to name a few. With a hard work ethic that somewhat parallels that of Murder Mitten’s own Black Milk, in the past two months he has been involved with the release of Diamond District’s project and his solo projects Mental Liberation and Odd Summer, Oddisee is bound to transport your ears through an invigorating musical excursion. This post as its title would suggest focuses on Odd Summer, which is for the most part an instrumental EP. This 8-track (seven if we are really being technical) musical odyssey is a welcomed addition to the summer, as it finds Oddisee delving for and experimenting with sounds that conjure up feelings of everybody’s favorite season; so sit back light up a cohiba, sip on the finest cognac, just do what the music will dictate. On the other hand, the music found here is what I like to refer to as productive, the kind of music that makes you want to git up, git out, and git something


Oddisee - Sligo Creek

Oddisee- Viva Brasil

Oddisee- That Day

Oddisee- Chocolate City Dreaming

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