Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raekwon- Wu Tang's Resident Slang Maestro (AGAIN)

For several years it seemed as though the sequel to Raekwon’s captivating debut, Only Built For Cuban Linx was mere speculation, an urban myth if you will; but alas, “the wait is finally over.” Fourteen years ago, Lex Diamonds single handedly renewed the Mafioso fervor and poignant street narratives made famous by G Rap with his platinum certified Purple Tape.
In more recent years the climate of Hip-Hop has undergone unfavorable changes to the extent that people now even question if radio is worth saving; and to think we once believed we couldn’t live without our radios. Nevertheless, in speaking with Raekwon it’s obvious that he is determined to bring out that same energy and authenticity in his music that cemented him as a lyrical kingpin, even if his this latest effort is not completely orchestrated by the Rzarector (OBFCL boasts production from J Dilla, Dr. Dre amongst others)
Only time will tell if the Chef can outdo the classic he bestowed unto the masses in 1995; if the New Wu is any indication of the crack he’s potentially cooking up, I have no doubt that it will hold up to its predecessor (OBFCL). I recently caught up with Shallah Raekwon to find out why he kept his thirsty listeners in a limbo and if he can really throw down in the kitchen amongst other pressing questions. Only Built For Cuban Linx II will be in stores August 11th, invest $15.00 in an artist who keeps it authentic with a raw feel…the saga continues…


Raekwon Interview

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