Monday, May 18, 2009


I had the opportunity to meet the calm and collected Skyzoo on two occasions; and both times his humility beset his persona. During one of those occasions, he came by my apartment to pick up some A.L.I.E.N. gear for a photoshoot (I don’t think he actually used the Tees). Anyway in the very short time that he was there we got into talking and he handed me a copy of his then newest mixtape, Corner Store Classic, which I claimed I had not listened to (unknowing to the Brooklyn-based emcee I had a copy on my computer). Being a fan of his craft I had already perused the internet weeks before, downloaded the mixtape and it was already a fixture on my daily rotation (Cat’s out of the bag now).

On August 11th Skyzoo, the 2008 Underground Music Awards “Best Lyricist” will release his long overdue debut, The Salvation through Jamla Records and Duck Down Records. Founded by North Cackalacka’s own 9th Wonder, Jamla Records is a secondary label to Duck Down Records. The album features production from the aforementioned 9th, Primo, Nottz and Illmind.

Signing with Duck Down Entaprizez almost seems natural being that the label has always been a staple of Brooklyn, preserving hip hop’s elements to the fullest, much like Skyzoo has guarded the essentials through his music. However the deal with Jamla speaks to Skyzoo’s steadfast character because the entirely 9th produced EP, Cloud 9: The 3 Day High was in essence Skyzoo’s introduction to the world as the quotation suggests, “As far as JamLa, 9th Wonder was the main person who let me kick in the door to get in this game and build a fan base via our "Cloud 9" EP, so it made perfect sense to bring it back full circle.”


Skyzoo feat. Talib Kweli, Reks- When I Rhyme

Skyzoo feat. Young Chris- Do Remember

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