Friday, May 1, 2009

Finale: He is a cut ahead of you and your crew/ It sort of feel like he knows your barber

Given our present economic woes, it would seem like Finale’s decision to leave his steady nine to five for Hip-Hop’s supposed greener pastures as he did some years back, wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Especially since he has already gained the respect of those before him and his peers alike including Black Milk due to his steady grind; the latter is just one of the sought out producers featured on Finale’s debut, A Pipe Dream And A Promise. A former automotive engineer with The Big Three, Finale had a fan in Dilla prior to them gaining the opportunity to meet. Nevertheless, Finale will be the first to admit that Dilla and him were not best friends although they did talk, “a lot more than normal.” Behind Finale’s sometimes (use the word loosely) unorthodox delivery and rhyme structure is subject matter that is easily identifiable. Rather than rehashing your customary street tales he pens out original verses that reveal a man on a mission; assumedly to keep that promise.Unlike a lot of new artists, Finale acknowledges that in order to make it in the game one must learn from those who paved the way, the old guard if you will. And it is that same philosophy that will allow Finale to float where others have sunk, ultimately making his Pipe Dream reality. I recently caught up with man whose moniker would imply that after him there shall be none to discuss The Big Three amongst other topics.

Finale Interview


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