Saturday, May 2, 2009

Donny Goines- 3 Questions and We Out

Many people do it for money, some for the rapture of fame; Donny Goines is one who does it for the love of the game, Hip-Hop. A permanent fixture on the net, his steady grind and humility has earned him the respect of his peers and fans alike. With his unrelenting fervor and approach, Donny Goines plans to release his latest project, The Breakfast Club on May 19th; this time around he has got a couple of chums with him; unlike his debut, his sophomore release features Planet Asia, Amanda Diva and Tanya Morgan to name a few. The Breakfast Club also features production including but not limited to Statik Selektah, Buckwild and Dame Grease. I recently caught up with Donny via email to find out more about The Breakfast Club.

What have you learned since the first go round, in respect to album making?
I've learned a lot in general. First and foremost, I'm constantly improving my craft so that was the biggest learning experience. Technique, delivery, execution, etc. are all very important and you will notice improvement with every album hereafter. Something else I learned is that preparation is very important. It might seem like this second album came out of the blue but I was prepping for this one when I dropped my debut. The last thing I learned about making an album is that you have to make sure people know about it. Promotion, better yet the RIGHT promotion is very important.

Why is the new album titled The Breakfast Club?
Well essentially this album is a continuation of sorts from the last. Minute After Midnight (my debut) was actually the first part of a trilogy. Each album I drop will have a duel meaning behind the title. For instance, Midnight after Midnight took principles from the Cinderella story which I applied to music, but also referred to time. The Breakfast Club follows the same theme. It derives from principles within the story line of the movie (in this case instead of different personalities in detention you have different personalities in a studio. Get it?) but also references time. My debut represented night, darkness, solitude and this one represents the morning, light and the inclusion of others. From one extreme to the next; the third one will balance it all out.

This album contains a lot more features than Minute After Midnight, why is that?
Well if you've never seen the movie, basically the theme is simple. It’s meant to show (at least my interpretation of it anyway) that people have more in common then they think and no matter what label or classifications they are given by society they can still connect on some level. Now take that idea and apply it to my album. Many people listen to my music and tend to pigeon hole me. They assume I can't make certain types of records or underestimate my range. With this album you’re going to get the type of records I'm known for (like the first single [What You Expected Remix] I released with Big Lou, Termanology, Reks and Rain over a Statik Selektah beat) and then you’re going to get a record like, She Likes featuring Izza Kizza and Che Grand on a Apple Juice track. This project is meant to show my versatility with other artists in the game so you can expect a wide array of personalities and characters on this album (I have over 20 features). It might lose some people but so did my debut so I wouldn't be surprised. The bottom-line is simple though, expect the unexpected.


Donny Goines feat. Rain, Termanology, Reks, Big Lou- What You Expected Remix

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