Friday, January 30, 2009

Exile- Got Beats 4 Dayz

Apparently producer Exile has been around since the nineties; however, I personally became aware of his dexterity on the boards through his collaborative effort with Blu. This pairing would result in the release of the year of the boar’s Below The Heavens. His latest endeavor finds him brilliantly sculpting an instrumental album, deceptively titled Radio (deceptive because you will be hard pressed to find this sort of instrumentation on the radio).

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that Exile is a commendable beatsmith (peep how he flips A Milli for example); which is perceptible through his past efforts, yet his latest offering finds him exploring new boundaries per say. Instead of simply crafting instrumentals a la your run of the mill producers, with the case of Radio, Exile supplements his instrumentals with the capacity for the mental. Over the 15 track opus that is Radio, Exile is able to craftily convey his worldly views whether it pertains to the Patriot Act or religion through attentive sound bites that expose his message(s).


Exile- Watch out! False Prophet

Exile- The Machine

Exile- Love Line

Exile- In Love


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