Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deeper Than You Think

I downloaded a project from the production team that consists of the Admiral and Teddy Roxpin, collectively known as Cold Legistics some weeks back. To be quite honest I never heard of either of these producers, but apparently they have been making waves within the tight confines of underground hip hop. Nevertheless, ever since I downloaded the beat project, Deeper Than You Think, I have made it a part of my daily diet of music consumption. Now supposedly, the beat project was inspired by Madlib and J-Dilla, more specifically The Beat Konducta’s Shades of Blue.

While listening to the beat tape one could sense those very influences even though Cold Legistics don’t rely on samples used by those very artists. Nevertheless, this is definitely worth checking out (if you haven’t). It’s very smooth listen, accentuated by dusty sounds and clever interludes.


Cold Legistics- The Fourth Letter (Dee)

Cold Legistics- Soft Walking

Cold Legistics- Deja Vu

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