Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kam Moye - Splitting Image

It's hard to backtrack, start a new beginning / So starting today I'm vowing to make a new ending
At last I learned that happiness is not having what you want/ But is wanting what you have

Produced by Symbolyc One, and shot and directed by Matt Koza, Splitting Image is the latest video from the artist formerly known as Supastition, Kam Moye. Featuring the endearing vocal talents of Neenah, the video depicts a story of a boy who is forced to become a man due to an unplanned pregnancy with whom we [viewers] assume to be his girl. The powerful imagery coupled with Kam’s forceful lyrics offer hope in light of this all too familiar occurrence. Having fathered a daughter at the age of 16, Kam hopes to showyounger people that your life isn't over when you make a bad decision but it means you've got to work twice as hard at your dreams.”

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