Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I remember the first time I saw the video for Dead Prez’s, Hip-Hop, I felt I had just witnessed the rebirth of PE; and their debut, Lets Get Free (a staple in my catalogue), did not disappointment. Unfortunately, revelations by close sources and some of their most recent works would suggest that they have succumbed to the machinery of injustice that pushes present day hip-hop’s buttons.

I have always gravitated towards Stic.Man, perhaps because he more or less practices what he preaches, unlike his counterpart M-1. Take for example, Till We Get There, an uplifting track from Confidential that features the dusty foot philosopher, K’naan and Stori James; why on God’s green earth was M-1 in a Lamborghini? In the Hip-Hop video the duo artistically used a girl’s curvaceous behind to get our attention; the Lambo on the other hand comes across as a stupid gimmick that serves no purpose.

When I saw the title for Stic.Man’s video which features Young Noble from the Outlawz, My S.W.A.G. Is Up, I was taken back. I have no doubt that the acronym stands for something positive, but it is neither mentioned nor implied throughout the track’s entirety. Now I can understand if this is an attempt to transform an exasperated concept into an empowering model, but it still falls short to the standards DPZ have set. Perhaps if he eliminated the whole S.W.A.G. concept and focused on the enriching messages sprinkled within both artists’ verses it would be more befitting. Alas, he is the artist and I am a mere blogger.... word to Saigon, Bang upside your head / E-thug I Control Alt Delete you dead/ You lil’ Bitch.

On the flip side the video’s concept does not contain the token titties and ass or jigaboo dance, which is a definite plus. Hopefully it will make the regular rotation on the idiot box (Keeping my fingers crossed). Simply put, when put into context with the videos we have on TV this video is above par, but when juxtaposed with what Dead Prez is an entity, this is a far cry from the revolution. Then again the revolution isn’t meant to be televised.

Stic.Man & M-1 @ a recent concert in Frankfurt

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