Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hip Hopera Example IV

For the most part, the songs that are featured on a soundtrack are a collection that are of no correlation to the adjoining film. These songs usually feature burgeoning or established artists looking to capitalize on their recent successes. During today’s trying times, it’s very unlikely that one could listen to a soundtrack and somehow comprehend parts of the movie or even grasp the mood projected in said film. In 2007 with the release of the Afro Samurai soundtrack, the RZA broke the mold and successfully captivated audiences with a soundtrack that detailed the protagonist, Afro’s journey through the inclusion of the series outtakes, haunting melodies and guest features whose individual verses cemented the story.

Like its predecessor, the Afro Samurai: Resurrection soundtrack, finds the Rzarector constructing and building upon a familiar sound, albeit some distinct changes that date back to ninety-three. Yet again the RZA is in his best form, borrowing from Rock, Soul, Funk-and of course the sounds that made the WU a household name- to orchestrate a musical setting that compliments the well placed features. These include the likes of Kool G. Rap, Inspectah Deck, Ghost, Thea Van Seijen and Rah Digga to name a few; who all collectively and successfully prop up the story through their individual verses. Take for example Rah Digga, whose straight for the jugular verses help to project the vengeful character, Sio, whose role she fiercely assumes in the soundtrack…. Watch me go smack the bitch with my period pads.

Despite a few misses (Nappy Afro, Yellow Jackets, Take The Sword Pt. III), it’s apparent that the RZA is successful in orchestrating a soundtrack that features worthy appearances while effectively complementing the movie. Nevertheless, my hat goes off to the women on this album, namely Rah Digga and Thea Van Seijen for making it do what it do baby.


Thea Van Seijen - Fight For You

Reverand William Burks, Sly Stone, Stone Mecca - Blood Thicker Than Mud "Family Affair"

Rah Digga- Bitch Gonna Get Ya'

Kool G Rap, Ghost, Tash Mahogany & RZA- Whar

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