Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Universal Mind Control

Common recently pronounced, “Today is the birthday of a new child of mine” when referencing the release of his latest studio release, Universal Mind Control. If that is the case, then it is the bastard child resulting from his relationship with Serena. It appears as though when Common becomes seriously involved (…for the public to see) with a woman he loses all his sense and sensibilities with regards to hip hop. His relationship with Erykah Badu generated Electric Circus, a subpar, far cry from hip hop standards even if it was experimental. Keeping the notion of family in mind, one would expect that Universal Mind Control would fare better than his first child, Electric Circus; unfortunately this is not the case. Perhaps his newfound money, “A brother isn't just relying on hip-hop to pay my bills anymore", has this brother perplexed. Maybe it is something in Chi-City’s water that has got its prominent artists seeing things differently. You cannot slap mediocre, uninspiring lyrics to sometimes insipid production and call it the “the future of progressive hip hop”; that’s like slapping lipstick on a pig. It’s sad that an artist of such stature and longevity, who effortlessly delivered Be and Finding Forever, could revert to such second-rate standards....alas we see the b***h in yoo.


Common- Gladiator

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